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Some may say that these are the two most important rooms in the entire home, with that being the case the upmost attention must be given to the design and functionality of these rooms.

There is no standard kitchen or bathroom when it comes to modern living, these rooms must suit the needs of the home owners to ensure a healthy living space.

Our Architects and designers are aware of just that & will sit down with you to discuss your every need before the pen hits the paper and then the hammer hits the nail on the head.

Fireplace / Library

The Wood Library is organized by rough length, and offers the hand and eye one end of every piece of wood in the collection. The length, cross section, and color of every piece of wood is discernible at a glance, and removal and storage are made elegant.

Wood burning fireplaces are timeless classics in a home. Over the years, they’ve evolved and changed a lot and today’s wood burners can be traditional or modern in style, depending on your taste. The beauty of these factory-made fireplaces is that you can choose where to put them and spend according to your budget. Basically, they adapt to suit your home!

Doors & Arch & Casings

Installation of doors, windows, arch, and specialty components per manufacturer specifications. The Framing Construction Carpenter holds the following.

Arch Wood are based in FineFinishCarpentry. Meath. The home Extension and Renovation specialists who also create custom kitchens and cabinetry.

The trim that surrounds a door frame is called casing, and it’s always installed before baseboard and chair rail because they have to butt against it. Casing is also the easiest type of molding to install because the joinery is simple, making it a perfect first project.

Wainscoting/ panelling

Custom Woodwork Paneling. We designed and installed a wood panel wall pattern to accent the blank wall space and enhance this foyer.

We designed and installed a wood panel wall pattern to accent the blank wall space and enhance this foyer. Panelling was developed in antiquity to make rooms in stone buildings more comfortable.

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