Arched doorways represent a variety of cultural influences. Arching a doorway can add an elegant and traditional design effect, giving your home a time honored statement of style and decorative beauty. If you are ready to learn how to arch a doorway, follow these suggestions.
Determine the overall desired visual effect. If your home has more than 1 visible doorway, you should consider the effect if only 1 is arched. For a more uniformed pattern, think about converting all of the doorways into arches. Decide the type of arch you want to construct.
Organize the materials you’ll need. Determine the right tools necessary for the job to be completed. A drill and reciprocal saw are essential. Gather everything together in 1 place in order to save time and money by avoiding return trips to the home improvement store. Make a list of every item you’ll need.
Consult with the interior design specialist at the home improvement store. They should be available to help you with invaluable information on how to arch a doorway.
Decide between making an arched doorway from scratch, or installing a pre-built arched doorway kit, which could make the project easier, but also be more expensive.
Most pre-built arched doorway kits are made of wood, or a wood composite material. Starting from scratch, dry wall and framing lumber can be used.
Prepare the work area. Clear the surrounding area of any furniture, wall décor, or rugs. Lay plastic sheeting down to prevent debris and paint from getting on the floor or nearby walls. Keep in mind that construction in the general area may produce dust. Cover any vents and furnishings before beginning the arch.
Build the arch framing. Whether you are constructing the doorway arch from scratch or installing a kit, the framing is essentially the part underneath that keeps the arch intact. The frame can be elaborate, with successive parts that are different sizes. This is because the arch is thicker in some parts than others.
The easiest method of building a doorway arch frame is to use 2 triangular blocks that are squared at the top and side, and curved on the underside for the span of the arch.
Using a reciprocal saw, cut a curve out of a wood plank or plywood, about 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick. Use this as a template, and cut more as needed for the thickness of the doorway.
Glue together, side by side with carpenter’s wood glue, aligning all pieces. Clamp tightly and allow to dry according to glue manufacturer’s specifications. Repeat for the opposite side of doorway.
Attach the blocks to the doorway. After the glue has dried, fit 1 block into the top of the doorway. With a variable speed drill and screws, attach the block. Be sure the block is straight and snug in the top corner. Leave enough space to ensure the drywall covering is flush with the front of the doorway opening. Attach opposite block.
Finish out with drywall according to standard procedures. Match paint and clean up work area.